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With 15 years’ experience working with leading chambers and solicitors’ firms, our dedicated team of expert engineers and account managers are specialists in legal sector IT requirements.

“We chose Instant on IT to be our IT partner because of their focus on service excellence in all that they do. Transitioning to Instant on IT was straightforward, and we now work with a great team who we trust implicitly.”

Chambers Director, internationally renowned London chambers.

“Instant on IT has been with us from the beginning and we consider them a key member of our team. They have worked with us at every stage of growth in the last ten years to ensure that our technical infrastructure supports our expanding business.”

Partner, London based IP solicitors.

We understand that barristers often need to work independently, and that both barristers and solicitors require IT support for both Apple and Windows machines. Our dedicated legal support team combined with partnering with specialist legal IT vendors such as Bar Squared, SOS, and BigHand means we understand the importance of the legal security and compliance landscape and – can help you achieve your organisations’ goals within strict regulatory frameworks.

You can also benefit from our modern, scalable, and secure cloud-based IT systems, helping you achieve reliable 24/7/365 security.

Our services include

  • Strategic IT advice – tailored to your businesses’ needs
  • 24/7 IT support – to ensure you’re always connected
  • Cloud expertise – we offer end-to-end consultancy services for Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Advanced cyber-security services – including security audits, active monitoring, and up-to-date compliance
  • Modern Desktop – to enable secure remote working with confidence, anywhere
  • Collaboration – using modern tools such as Microsoft Teams and the latest video and telephony technologies